Box 3 Livestock

Box 3 Livestock

Cremello Cross Color Chart

RC Gay Bar Star Dust crossed with a Sorrel Mare =                    100% Palomino Foal

Below is a color chart that shows the color a foal will be when RC Gay Bar Star Dust is crossed on different colored Mares

RC Gay Bar Star Dust crossed with a Bay Mare =                               75%  Buckskin, 25% Palomino

RC Gay Bar Star Dust crossed with a Buckskin Mare =             37.50% Buckskin, 37.50% Perlino, 12.50% Cremello,              12.50% Palomino  

RC Gay Bar Star Dust crossed with a Black Mare =                               75% Buckskin, 25 % Palomino

Cremello Stallion crossed with a Palomino Mare = 50% Palomino and 50% Cremello Foal



Click on the "Foal Color Calculator" (image to the left) to determine exactly what color

your next foal will be.

When a bay or black mare that is Homozygous for Black is bred to RC Gay Bar Star Dust, they will have 100% Buckskin foals.

RC Gay Bar Star Dust's Genetic Coat Color Test Results:

Red Factor: e/e  Agouti: A/A  Cream: Cr/Cr  Dun: N/N

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