Box 3 Livestock

Box 3 Livestock

RC Gay Bar Star Dust - "Stitch"

2005 Cremello Quarter Horse Stallion

RC Gay Bar Star Dust is a big 15.3 hand cremello quarter horse stallion. He is a guaranteed color producer with a big hip, good bone and a pretty head. He is a good mover, fast, athletic, cinches deep and has a good set of withers. 

RC Gay Bar Star Dust is a cremello stallion that has racing, ranching, and rodeo bloodlines. RC Gay Bar Star Dust crosses back to Three Bars eleven times, while only going back to Doc Bar one time in the 5th generation of his pedigree. Three Bars is the highest influence of blood in RC Gay Bar Star Dust’s bloodline. To see how Three Bars, Roan Bar, Bar Nothing Springer, King, Lightning Bar, Tom Baker, Steel Bars, Macanudo, Pretty Boy and the Waggoner Mare are genetically the Top 10 Influencers in RC Gay Bar Star Dust's bloodlines Click Here.

Sail On Bunny is RC Gay Bar Star Dust's great grandsire. It should be mentioned that Sail On Bunny was the earner of over $900,000 in 1982 dollars, which is the equivalent to more than $2.2 Million in 2015 dollars.

If you are looking for a AQHA cremello stallion to use as an outcross on your mares, consider RC Gay Bar Star Dust.  

As a cremello RC Gay Bar Star Dust will help you add color to your foals when bred to your ranch and rodeo mares. As a big 15.3 hand stallion, RC Gay Bar Star Dust will add height, hip, bone, athletic ability, speed and a good head to your foals when crossed with your Rodeo and Ranch Horse Mares.  

For those of you with Cutting Horse Mares and Reined Cow Horse Mares, RC Gay Bar Star Dust will help you add color, size, bone and speed to your foals.

If you have been thinking about breeding your Arabian mare to a cremello stallion to get a Half Arabian with color, size, athletic ability and speed RC Gay Bar Star Dust is a stallion that will guarantee color when crossed with your Arabian Mares. 

When  RC Gay Bar Star Dust is bred to Bay Mares he will produce on average 75% Buckskin foals, 25 % Palomino foals, unless the bay mare is Homozygous for Black, which will result in 100% Buckskin foals. When crossed with Sorrel Mare it will result in 100% Palomino Foals.

RC Gay Bar Star Dust is Homozygous Agouti (A/A), and Homozygous Cream (Cr/Cr).

If you have any questions on what color of foal you will get from crossing your mare with a cremello stallion, please see our Color Chart page.

NFQHA - 77.637%


2016 Breeding Fee $2,000

Current Specials

$1,500 (Includes 1st Chute Fee and 1st Shipment)

Multiple Mare Discount of 10% OFF

Shipped Semen Only

5 Panel Test N/N


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-AQHA Incentive Fund

-NRCHA Subscribed Stallion

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15.3 hands            1,325 lbs.          5 Panel N/N


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RC Sail Doc Duster

16.1 Hand Buckskin


Fancy Frosted Bar

RC Gay Bar Star Dust is a good looking Cremello Quarter Horse Stallion that stands 15.3 hands. Cremello stallions are guaranteed color producers. When cremello stallions are bred to sorrel mares they produce palominos 100% of the time guaranteed. When cremello stallions are bred to bay mares they produce a high percentage of buckskins. RC Gay Bar Star Dust is a cremello stallion with Racing, Ranching, Rodeo, and Performance horse bloodlines.

15.1 Hand Palomino